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The Book of Universal Self


April 28, 2013


The Universal Self has led me to express the ideas and the ways of expressing these ideas in this website. I cannot even think of a word without the help of Unversal Self process. If any of the thoughts and ways of expressing these thoughts on these web pages help you in your spiritual journey - wonderful. Share them with any and all whom you want to share them. This is why I created this web site and why I spend time writing these thoughts. The words and thoughts are not for sale. They will forever be freely available on this website for as long as the Internet allows me this freedom. If I print my Books or publish a Cd or DVD of my books, these physical packages of my words and thoughts might cost some money. However, the words and thoughts on this web site are my gift to you because of our relationship with the Great Spirit I call the Universal Self. I serve the Universal Self through you. Money can never interfere with helping another sour-human along the path.

It would be nice if you tell spirit-people that these thoughts and ways of expressing these thoughts are found in The Book Of Universal Self. If you print any of them, please share them as written. If you think you have any improvements on these thoughts, please, please share your ideas with me. I will be very happy to find ways to make the words and the thoughts easier or clearer for others in their journey. In helping others, we help ourselves.

I call my writings missives since they are communications to you as if I am speaking to you directly. They are not chapters in a book which should be read from chapter one to the end of the book. Each missive is a complete communication in itself and can stand alone. You may freely copy and download any information from this site as long as you are doing it to help others in their spiritual journey. AND whatever you copy and download must be in the complete form of the missive that you copy or download so that all will be read as I have written. If you copy a sentence or a paragraph out of a missive, you must let others know where to find the COMPLETE missive.

Now for the legal "Disclaimer". The entire site is solely the personal opinion and point of view of the spirit some call AM. The documents, information, and materials in are provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. Nothing in or any responses to correspondence received from readers of any material in THE BOOK OF UNIVERSAL SELF is to be considered as sound medical or psychological advice. It is just my opinion. If you have any medical problems, either physical or psychological, it is adviseable to check with any and all doctors of your choosing BEFORE you do anything suggested in THE BOOK OF UNIVERSAL SELF.ORG. In no event will be liable for any physical or mental damage or problems whatsoever arising out of the use or or inability to use any of the information in, even if or you are advised of the possibility of such damages beforehand.

Now that the legal part is finished - Have a wonderful Spirit-Filled



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